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There is little time for discussion on the second DVD of this 2-DVD set. Sodom has decided to separate discussion from metal, and the results are perfect. This means that the second disc assaults listeners with the essence of Sodom for about 100 minutes. Lesser individuals will be destroyed by this amount of metal, but true fans will have a continual mini-orgasm as each subsequent track plays.

What is nice about Sodom is the fact that they came come up with genuine, old school metal for one track and jump into something that is much more based in classic rock or pop at the drop of a hat. For those individuals that do not already know everything about Sodom the first disc contains a documentary that goes into the most minute of details. The only thing that individuals may find fault with is that a number of the interviews are done in German but are (thankfully) subtitled; if individuals do not like to read, this may be something that puts them off. In some of the same way, the live show that is on the second disc does a lot in showing fans exactly what has influenced the band over the last few decades; what is more telling than pulling out a cover of “Ace of Spades”? By far, the band has to hit their peak during the live version of “Agent Orange”. It is not just simply coming up with a catchy guitar line or a very memorable set of vocals, but everything together that pushes the track to the next plateau. In much of the same way, the arrangements that lead off “Sodomy and Lust”. The track is much more low-key than the average Sodom song, but contains a fury in the ability of the band that will get viewers amped up regardless.

The footage during the live section of “Lords of Depravity” is impressive; the style is essentially what most, if not all live concert footage is captured in – quick shots with rapid camera movement. The sound is indistinguishable from anything the band could come up with in the studio; the only thing that alters individuals to the fact that this is a live disc is the heavy audience participation that provides competition to the instruments on stage. There is enough material on “Lords of Depravity” to conceivably kill a day; what other activities are there besides drinking that can occupy a day for such a cheap price? SPV has really done a hell of a job increasing awareness of metal bands that might have been at the periphery of popularity; there is no doubt that Sodom will win over an entirely new legion of cohorts with the talent that they show viewers throughout the live section of this disc and the interesting story they give on the documentary part of the DVD. There is little doubt in my mind that this DVD will appeal to fans and newbies alike; just give it a shot and let Sodom rock your face off for a few hours.

Top Tracks: Agent Orange, Sodomy and Lust

Rating: 6.2/10

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