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Testament – Live In London DVD / 2005 Eagle Rock / 14 Tracks / http://www.testamentlegions.com / http://www.spitfireregions.com /

The interview on the Live In London DVD may just be the most informational in showing how Testament getting back together. With each of the members having a few minutes to show what happened over the twelve-year interval, the band’s music on Live In London is given even further of a boost. To their credit, there are few moments when any band member is without a beer; with the quality of music that is released on this disc, it really gives some credit to the theory that bands that eschew alcohol after years of drinking will suck. What is nice also about the interview is that the band is mature enough to leave out much of the bull (the hardcore posturing) that is present on many of these interviews; Testament seems just like a few people that one could conceivably encounter, beer in hand, at a party.

Where the music captured on the DVD is the same as is on the “Live in London” CD, the inclusion of the visual aspect of the band and the informative interview really makes this something to pick up. The hits are all here, whether it be “Souls of Black”, “Practice What You Preach” or “Trial By Fire”. What is something that the CD does not seem to pick up is the audience participation. Sure, one may hear cheers rise up from the crowd but actually seeing the masses of individuals present gives another dimension to the band. What is something I wish was really detailed a little bit better was how long of a head start Testament had before going back and playing shows like the one captured in Live in London; one has to think that the band was not immediately dropped on a stage.

The set-up, much like the posturing mentioned earlier, is very small. Testament works on what has to be one of the smallest stages given to a band of their caliber, really adding a certain amount of close, personal style to each lick that is doled out. Everything is nearly perfect on this live video, whether it be the live production (which elicit the nuance out of every instrument on stage), the video itself (which has a number of quick shots that allow viewers to see practically everything that is happening on stage) or the lighting (the simple red light is all that the band needs). What is particularly endearing about Testament is that they have been doing this so long that there are even times where they forget which album a certain song was on. The collection of tracks on Live in London are suitably strong and when united make for a complete sound throughout the band’s set. The talent in which each of the tracks are created again for the audience ensure that the new album, when it does come out will be easily the equivalent to the best metal album of the year.

Top Tracks: The Legacy, Souls of Black

Rating: 7.3/10

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