The Hibernauts – Periodic Table

The Hibernauts – Periodic Table / 2007 Self / 7 Tracks / /

While the opening of “Off Key And Violent” does not sound much different from what a countless number of indie rock bands are doing at the current, The Hibernauts step up their game immediately and come forth with a catchy, hooky set of vocals. Of course, the instrumentation is driving and supports the vocals much the same way that the latest Death Cab For Cutie album did. Hints of Weezer, the Bay City Rollers, Matthew Sweet, and other disparate acts unite together to give The Hibernauts a sound that few individuals have ever heard before. “Sleeping In Space” is another tracks that follows in the styles first broached by The Hibernauts during “Off Key And Violent”. I don’t mind the track, but the band seems to throw in individuals to this track without any further context to what “Mission 221” may be.

This problem is further compounded by the fact that the band thought it would be funny to go and make into gibberish the vocals for each of the tracks. Still, the band plays a strong, stripped-down style of indie rock that comes forth into pop glory quite a few times on “Periodic Table”. What is perhaps the strongest part of The Hibernauts has to be the fact that they are able to keep individuals interested during increased runtimes. Thus, each of the tracks on “Periodic Table” (with the exception of “Scissors”) is well over three and a half minutes. The band straddles a very thin line, where their high amount of repetitions on “Periodic Table” could get them in trouble. Their superior musicianship and arrangement skills here are way the band ultimately succeeds on this EP. Search out this EP if you like electronic-infused alternative rock with more than its’ fair share of indie rock. Each of the tracks here could conceivably be a single.

Top Track: Sleeping In Space

Rating: 7.0/10

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