Aeroplane, 1929 – The Holy Ghost

Aeroplane, 1929 – The Holy Ghost / 2007 Topshelf / 6 Tracks / / /

I swear, I’ve tried to review this album about 8 times, and each time I sit down to do it, life gets in the way. No more; “The Holy Ghost” starts off with “Locomotives”, and it shows Aeroplane, 1929 as an act that starts off meekly and quietly. The walking guitar line that is present throughout the entirety of the track gives the song a timeless folk flavor that is familiar with a wide swath of the music-listening public. The track does not give individuals much of an idea about Aeroplane, 1929; it is a middling track that individuals will find few problems with. The same style of guitar is present during the title track, but there are a few more instruments that present themselves during this track. The resulting song has a little more energy and begins to tip the scales in the favor of Aeroplane, 1929.

The wordsmithery of the vocalist is impressive during this track, while the human element is captured well by the audible slides up and down the guitar strings. “Scarlet Fever” is the track that shines the brightest for me out of all of the tracks on “The Holy Ghost”, because it brings a little bit of mid-nineties alternative rock to the folk sound that is present at all points during “The Holy Ghost”. Aeroplane, 1929 need to add a little fire to their subsequent recordings, and the resulting tracks would cause individuals from all walks to be enamored with the act. Give them a few more years and they will be at the top of their game; “The Holy Ghost” shows that the band is a little too timid at points, and would succeed unconditionally with this additional fire and fury. Their “Scarlet Fever” is the direction that they should aim for in subsequent tracks and albums.

Top Track: Scarlet Fever

Rating: 4.0/10

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