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“Razorbumps” is the first track on Iller Than Theirs’ self titled track, and it brings an intense style of rapping to a more classic backing beat. Where it would make sense that there would be tension between these two styles, the combination of the flow with the backing beat makes for a strong first effort by Iller Than Theirs. The back and forth between the two rappers keeps the momentum high, and each rapper’s flow varies at different points during this opening track. “Razorbumps” is a track that will get individuals behind Iller Than Theirs. “To Be Ill” operates with a much slower tempo than “Razorbumps”.

Saying that, this does not mean that Iller Than Theirs have began to rest on their laurels; the same general influences are present during this track, and the inclusion of this slower style ensures that the act will not be painted into a corner by their third track out. “The Same” discusses the broke-ass nature of the independent rapper, something that is all but forgotten in the modern period with rappers showing their disposable wealth. In fact, the last track I remember that talked about a lack of wealth had to be “Still Fly” or Bishop’s “U Know U Ghetto”. The amount of harmony that Iller Than Theirs include in the vocal flows during “The Same” further put this track into the stratosphere. While each of the tracks that preceded “The Same” were strong in their own right, “The Same” is the track that will break Iller Than Theirs big. The great thing about Iller Than Theirs is that there is virtually nothing in the way of spoken sections during this album.

The act sits down and gets to work with each of the tracks on this album, and the momentum of this album is much higher than practically any other rap album on the market currently. “It Is What It Is” brings a little bit of Del the Funky Homosapien in regards to the flow; the inclusion of the same funky backdrop is the thing that show this is a Iller Than Theirs track rather than a Deltron track. For individuals that wish to find the next big thing in rap after exhausting all of the Rhymesayers and similar albums, Iller Than Theirs has to be a purchase. This brand of rap is tight, intelligently-created and infectious as all get out. Pick it up.

Top Tracks: Razorbumps, To Be Ill

Rating: 7.2/10

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