Limelight Girls Vol. 7

Limelight Girls Vol. 7 / 2004 Limelight Productions / / 

Again cutting straight to the action, Kia begins masturbating on the bathtub, her dark skin contrasting well with the porcelain. There just seems to be a lack of emotion shown by Kia with this self-examination, something that disappears fairly quickly as she engages Chris’ genitals with both her mouth and breasts. Something that is nice during Kia’s chapter in the film is the making out mini-session, something that is just not seen as often as one would expect it in porn. Everyone just seems too antsy, too ready to bring the hardcore action in, and this policy really doesn’t allow for the best creation of arousal. Kia is not rail thin (though she is not by any means fa6), and as such actually has something in the way of curves, another thing that is not seen often enough in adult films, especially when a number of them are supposed to happen in “real” life. The baby-doll beginnings of Bianca, dressed up with pigtails, a ruffled top, and a pig plushy panders to a number of individuals – Bianca is great in that she can pull that off. And with what is the first intentional humor during the Limelight serious, the back and forth is just hilarious, adding a bit of reality to the video.

More of a structural issue than anything, the division of each of the chapters up into multiple parts is a nice innovation by Limelight, ensuring that individuals can rapidly go back to their favorite part instead of having to fast-forward from the beginning. The lesbian scene between Iris and Cris Taliana breaks up a minor dry spell in the Limelight series, and I feel that the lesbian scene allows for a lot more in terms of innovation than your typical guy-girl scene. The dual licking of the vibrator is a scene that will be widely enjoyed, and these girls are as rough as the men are with their instruments. To top the scene off is the incorporation of a strap-on, again making the point that a girl-girl scene will necessarily be more innovative than the plain-jane guy-girl. Finishing off the disc, Armani seems to be a minor bit of a let-down. The looks have a lot to do with it – Armani’s lean face contorts considerably during male oral sex, and her eyes are down up in a way that is completely inconsistent with her incredible body.

Rating: 7.3/10

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