Limelight Girls Vol. 8

Limelight Girls Vol. 8 / 2004 Limelight Productions / / Reviewed 12 December 2004

The latest in the Limelight Girls series, Volume 8 begins with Justina, an actress that gives off the sorority girl-with-a-sneer vibe that screams Britney-meets-Pink. Justina also breaks with tradition in the sense that she does not continually mug for the camera – sure, there are a few times in which she looks playfully into the lens, but this is nothing compared to some of the previous Limelight actresses. Toni is the second actress on this volume, and her natural looks are maybe a little too exotic for those individuals who are expecting adult-film goddesses. The realistic woman , I could conceivably see her in the mall or a number of everyday places, and this might be where the allure of Toni is the strongest.

Corina Taylor is third, and begins her chapter masturbating with a plain jelly dong. Immediately servicing the male actor orally, the interesting thing about her style is the “popping” that she does with her mouth of the testes. Her rouged cheeks and chunky eyeliner actually look proper on her, and Corina is out of this world beauty-wise, a mix of Tiny Fey and Rachel Dretch (from SNL). What will drive audiences wild are the extremely large eyes of Corina, the key moment happening after the facial where she looks up at the camera. The intense, almost angry pillow talk of Corina will prove to be yet another turn-on in what is a very arousing performance all-around.

Ending the disc off with Annie, who really wins me over with her personality rather than her looks, which are very impressive but not absolutely stunning. Annie actually seems to enjoy the sex act, instead of being bored with as so many other actress portray themselves in movies are. Her uncontrolled spasms brought on by intense pleasure show the audience that indeed, she likes doing that kind of stuff. The only thing that really seems to detract from Annie’s performance are the hoop earrings that she has on her breasts – their large size seems to pull attention away from what is happening. Limelight Girls is more of a compilation of girls instead of a continued series, and that is what is continually the strongest suit during these videos. If an actress does not suit your fancy, just fast-forward to the next one. Chances are that one of the four or five caught on the DVD will arouse you to no end.

Rating: 6.6/10

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