Limelight Girls Volume 1

Limelight Girls Volume 1, 2003 Limelight Productions , ,

Before saying anything else, this is the most formal, most well put-together adult video I’ve had the pleasure to review here. Limelight Productions put together this DVD with five very beautiful women : Lilly Thai, Alexis Amore, Karina, Kelana, and Morgan March. Each actress brings to the video their own flair and feeling, instead of going through the tried-and-true routines. Limelight also has its own personality, including a “Behind the Scenes” documentary that captures a few of the starlets in their own element. Instead of forcing individuals to watch through the video in a truly chronological order, Limelight has made the option available for the viewer to watch specifically the actress that he or she would like to see.

Since Limelight makes it a claim that they feature fresh first-timers, amateurs, and rising adult stars, the girls in this DVD are not exactly the airbrushed pieces of plastic that many viewers of adult videos would be familiar with. A number of the girls have minor facial blemishes on the disc, but this only has the effect of making the girls seem available to the average viewer – instead of airbrushed goddesses, individuals could conceivably have a chance with any of the girls on this DVD. The choices of men for this video are exponentially better than in most porn, with one of the men actually being somewhat attractive. However, there is an awful lot of posterior jiggling throughout the hardcore scenes, and the pasty, somewhat-cellulite laced posterior of one or two lead males really provides a contrast to the toned up beauties that are being focused on.

By far thought, two of the ladies on the disc really run away with their performances, and they are Lilly Thai and Morgan March. Both come off as much more realistic than the other three stars, and Morgan is only too quick to shed off the goofy (but apparently necessary in any porn) nurse outfit. Lilly Thai is in her own world – providing an one person show with her vibrator. One of the legendary “squirters” that most individuals look for continually, she brings herself to a number of orgasm and goes up against Niagara Falls for the sheer amount of liquid she puts out. While the other girls do have their own nuances and interesting movements, Morgan and Lilly really make the disc worthy of a second, third, or fourth watch.

Rating : 7.9/10

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