Limelight Girls Volume 2

Limelight Girls Volume 2, 2003 Limelight Productions , ,

You may remember my last review about the Limelight Girls collection. Well, this second volume has five new girls that spice things up in a number of ways. Using the same male actor as last time, Limelight Girls starts off with Cori Lyne, a vaguely punky girl, and her oral arts. Cori has an odd looking face that is attractive in its deviation from the norm. She has a number of tattoos, but in locations that don’t detract from her body. The nice thing about Limelight Girls is the fact that the girls do actually seem to like what is being done to them, instead of acting mechanical. However, one minor thing comes to light during the throes of passion with Cori, and those are the oddness of the breasts. The majority of the breasts are alright, but the skin along the bottom side is a little weak, promoting odd lines during heavy activity.

Another thing that is nice with Limelight is the fact that they use girls that are not rain-thin and actually look healthy. For example, Loni Kahn is by no means large, but actually has a shapely body. Limelight might have a bonanza on their hands, with Asiatic Lesbian porn. Seemingly exclusive in its content, the mood only gets more inclusive with the presence of the male actor, which the two girls split their duties on. A facial ends the second section of the DVD, which moves on to the very young-made up Cris Taliana.

Cris, with her hair in pigtails, vagina shaved, and makeup like that of a pre-teen girl, will no doubt perk the interest of many a purchaser of this DVD. Her tattoo may be a little bit of a blow to this fantasy, but no doubt that a lot of males will be able to find release to this lovely actress. A truncated orgasm by “the cameraguy” breaks up the extended scene with Cris Taliana. A few more choice encounters in which she makes the camera guy and the male actors come again caps off an exciting romp. Look for some very talented feet in this edition!

Wandasex is the next access, and she has another odd allure about her. Please note that I am not saying that she is not attractive, but rather, I just can’t place what about her is attractive. Adding some arousal by breasts, Wandasex sticks true to the dogma of gonzo sex that Limelight strives for in their recordings. The video seems a little short, but I have a feeling that was due to the fact that the recording was just so enjoyable. As usual, a Photo Gallery and a Behand the Scenes caps off what seems to be another hit by Limelight Girls.

Rating : 6.5/10

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