Limelight Girls Volume 3

Limelight Girls Volume 3, 2003 Limelight Productions , ,

For a general overview of the series, please check out the previous reviews in the set. This review will just cover the events of the third volume of Limelight Girls. The action at the beginning of the movie, with Gen Padova, really starts out with a bunch of people that can’t really act at the level of Patrick Stewart, but are still decent for pornographic movies. Gen comes out with a beauty that wasn’t to be found in the second volume. She still seems to have some desire for sex, instead of some of these tried-and-true major label porn stars who almost seem to be reading a book during the act. This volume seems to have more in the variety of acts done than either of the previous two, but still comes to a climax with the reverse cowboy. However, after the bust of the male, the DVD flickers for a bit, before moving onto Lilly Thai and Destiny St. Claire, both lovely girls.

Lilly you will remember as the cum-shooting Asian girl rom volume 1, but Destiny is a newcomer, a true sorority girl type that is absolutely adoreable. The hardcore lesbian sex that these two have during the course of the vignette is to die for. The double-headed dildo use after the saturation of the bed by Lilly also provides another new kink for the ultra-liberal Limelight Productions to exploit. Julie Robbins has an odd beauty to her, with a nose that some might say is a little too large for a petite face for her. When actually performing sexual acts, we notice that Julie’s breasts like a little odd, as if the implants (if she has had them) look more like Hostess’ Snowballs than perfectly round spheres. However, Julie’s craving for cock almost makes up for any minor physical issues.

Finally, we have Jay Lodeeva. Perhaps I am being a little Anglocentric, but I don’t see Jay as someone who is particularly attractive. The lips, which may be natural, may be fake, are a little too large for her. Mix that in with overdone eyeshadow and we have an odd sight, at least. However, the form that she exhibits on the male actor seems exemplary, and upon further inspection while she is au naturale, we notice that Jay has a perfect body. Overall, this disc is more strong as a whole than Volume 2, and on par with the excellent inaugural volume. I can only hope that Limelight continues to work their magic in casting real-life girls that I could conceivably meet in real life. Hats off to you, Limelight!

Rating : 7.0/10

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