Megadeth – That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires

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Megadeth has been releasing a lot of different material in the last year. There was their “Warchest”, and there is also this 2-CD or 1-DVD release called “That One Night”, which covers the band’s trip down to Buenos Aires, Argentina in May of 2005. Apparently, Megadeth plays long shows as the CD cut of the live show has them blast through a full 22 song set (and 4 extra tracks, “The Scorpion”, “Train of Consequences”, “Of Mice and Men”, and “Sweating Bullets”) all did not make the final cut. 

There is a little bit in the way of digital manipulation to some of the tracks on “That One Night”, as some of the cuts are preceded by clips of Mustaine and another band member doing acoustic openings, goofing around, or the like (events that also took place during their trip to Buenos Aires). As with many of the current live releases by established acts, the production value of this live set is as near to studio as one can get. In fact, if you would be able to cut out the cheering and other crowd noise from the songs here, and individuals could conceivably confuse this with a rough, unmastered edit of a “new” album. As for the songs that are actually on this 2-CD set, they represent a number of different eras of Megadeth.

The band playing the songs is not the band that originally recorded a number of the band’s classics, as James MacDonough (Iced Earth) plays bass here, while the Drover brothers have taken their positions to fill out the rest of the band. However, without seeing these individuals and hearing them introduced as such, even the most sturdy fans of Megadeth would be challenged to pick out which guitar riffs were done in a live recording of “Hanger 18” or the bass lines present in a “Holy Wars”. This disc marks an interesting period in the band’s evolution, especially considering that MacDonough gave way to James LoMenzo (Black Label Society) soon after this disc was recorded. This disc is essential for fans of all intensities of Megadeth; without a single weak track among these 22 cuts, it shows that the raw energy and fury of a Megadeth has not decreased one bit since they started out. Give this disc a few spins.

Top Tracks: Set The World Afire, Reckoning Day

Rating: 6.3/10

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