Mello Mello – An Abstract Love Story

Mello Mello – An Abstract Love Story / 2007 Mello-Soul / 16 Tracks / /

Mello Mello have a pretty good description of their general sound in their act’s name. What results from tracks like their eponymous opening track is something that resembles Jodeci, Tony Toni Tone, or even Boyz II Men. “Tha Best Thing 4 U Iz Me” has a much more current type of sound, and this R&B meets rap flow could easily be on an Usher, UGK, or Outkast album, despite each influence representing a different part of the track.

The vocals vacillate between a smooth, Usher-like sound and a more intelligent and complex Outkast sound, while the funk meets current rap sound of the backing beat approaches that of a UGK. What I’m trying to say here is that, regardless of the rap or R&B style that a listener might like, that there is something present during “An Abstract Love Story” that everyone can like. The interludes (skits during rap albums) actually fit into the larger context of the album. This is a marked departure from the bulk of rap and R&B albums, as skits on those albums usually detract from what may be a solid album. When Mello Mello create an interlude, as is the case with “She’s My Addiction”, the act goes forth and weaves in common threads from earlier songs and keeps all the momentum and energy going that were present on the earlier tracks.

“All I Want Is You” is a track that is interesting in that the vocals conform to the slower R&B style, while the piano/synthesizer present on the track marches to another drummer. This “marching” is marked by challenging tempo and time signature changes, which have the effect of changing what was already solid into being extraordinary. While there is not much in the way of a direct jazz influence during “An Abstract Love Story”, Mello Mello show that they love the different structures that jazz used, making their own efforts into something that are fulfilling in ways that typical R&B never could aspire to. Mello Mello, if given the correct push, will be the future of R&B music. All they need now is a few intrepid radio stations to give them play, and the fans will stream in fast and furious. The music on here is solid, catchy, and impressive enough to ensure them a long career. Check out Mello Mello’s website for snippets from the album; they are the future of R&B, and they want you to check them out.

Top Tracks: She’s My Addiction, Angel

Rating: 7.3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Mello Mello – An Abstract Love Story”

  1. This is an excellent ariticle on the up and coming group Mello Mello. There debut album is music for the “grown and sexy”. We love the whole CD, especially “She’s My Addiction and The Best Thing 4 U is Me” and highly recommend that everyone take a listen and see what all the buzz is about!

    We wish them great success!

    Thanks NeuFutur Magazine for keeping your finger on the pulse!

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