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“Comfort Me” shows Midnight as a band that is tremendously influenced by the deep-down blues of a Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the progressive rock of a Rush. Throw in a little Every Mother’s Nightmare and “Dog Eat Dog”-era Warrant, and individuals have an idea how Midnight starts off their “Beautiful Pearl”. There is an unpolished appeal to Midnight that brings me back to the hard rock of the early nineties.

There are hints of grunge present during songs on “Beautiful Pearl”, but one cannot deny that the act takes a lot from the rock genre in the years between hair metal and grunge rock. This gives Midnight an unique sound, but one in which a wide array of individuals can find something positive in. The title track has a more ballad type of sound, but Midnight throws in a little bit of country into the mix. The track plays similarly to “Silent Lucidity” and some of the work of a Nelson or Extreme, but Midnight ties this track to the others on the disc with the inclusion of a musically solid instrumental arrangement. “Hard, Inflexible” brings the rock back to “Beautiful Pearl”. This track shows a different side to Midnight, a side that links together the psychedelic rock of individuals like Jimi Hendrix with the reggae-rock of bands like Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As is the case with the tracks immediately preceding it, “Hard, Inflexible” is a track that would make it onto radio rotation with ease.

The influences present on “Hard, Inflexible” are very audible, but Midnight is able to subjugate these styles into something that works on “Beautiful Pearl”. Another break from the formula comes in “Runnin’ That Feelin’ Down”, which eschews the hard rock crunch of earlier songs for a decidedly-eighties sounding song. The vocals link together Stevie Nicks with The Waitresses, while the rock put forth by the rest of the band bolsters the vocals in all of the right places. Midnight is able to approach a number of styles and different musical influences during “Beautiful Pearl”; individuals that have love for rock music played in the last twenty years will definitely dig this album. The band is due for another full length album in the near future, so pick up “Beautiful Pearl” and keep up on Midnight news. Their “Beautiful Pearl” will find its way into my CD player for months to come.

Top Tracks: Hard Inflexible, Wander

Rating: 6.5/10                  

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