Seth Lakeman – Introducing…Seth Lakeman Vol.1 + Vol. 2

Seth Lakeman – Introducing…Seth Lakeman Vol.1 + Vol. 2 / 2007 Manhattan / 6 Tracks / / /

For those individuals that are not immediately familiar with the name Seth Lakeman, ey was a member of Equation during the band’s three-disc run. “Introducing” is not the first solo Lakeman album (even if it does sound that way): “The Punch Bowl”, “Kitty Jay”, and “Freedom Fields” all were full length albums that preceded these EPs.  “Lady Of The Sea” shows an Irish influence to Lakeman. Hints of Michael Smith’s foray into the style are present during this track, as the instrumentation present during the track provide a musically sound foundation for Lakeman’s pop-heavy style. “Lady of the Sea” is a short track, but Lakeman does well in creating a cohesive sound that individuals can easily ascribe to eir. “King and Country” removes the Irish sound of “Lady of the Sea” but keeps a folksy guitar sound for the track.

Lakeman’s vocals blend equal parts Mark Schultz and the Crash Test Dummies; the inclusion of a second set of vocals during this track gives “King and Country” a fullness that will facilitate its journey up the charts. “The Colliers” is the first track of the second EP, and it has a much more current type of sound than the songs on the first EP. The vocals assume a dominant role during “The Colliers” that show off Lakeman’s ability, but also give this second EP a different sound than the first. The twangy guitar still looks back a few hundred years, but Lakeman’s approach during “The Colliers” will ensure a visit to Popworld and (if it was still around on a weekly basis) Top of the Pops. These two EPs combine to act as a current “greatest hits” for Lakeman; individuals that may not know exactly who ey was at the beginning will be sure to pick up eir albums after hearing these six cuts.

Top Track: The Colliers

Rating: 6.8/10

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