Boy/girl – Secret Secret Secret Singles

Boy/girl – Secret Secret Secret Singles / 2007 307 Knox / 5 Tracks / /

The disc starts off with “Alcohol and certain medications”, a track that blends together more tribal, middle eastern style of music with different untraceable quotations (besides the fact that they are political in some sense). This intro works well with the rest of the EP, which turns “Secret Secret Secret Singles” into an eleven minute tour de force. “Stare to the sun” has a little bit of sorrow mark the indie rock of Boy/girl. The sly vocals that are present in this track link together “OK Computer”-era Radiohead with the Black Crowes, while the arrangements gradually move towards more and more chaotic lines. The electronic sound that starts of “Kxll kxll kxll” is the diametric opposite to the song immediately preceding it. While the electronic voice present during this track is a little on the trite site,

Boy/girl act like this is the buffer that allows the final track (“Rorshach”) to be properly highlighted. The drumming present during “Rorshach” is a little bit on the open side, which gives the track a much different sound than any of the previous tracks on the disc have had. I believe that this continually changing style is what Boy/girl are trying to do with the entirety of this EP, so that individuals will be able to move into a full disc setting without having to change up their listening style much. The resulting EP is a little on the disjointed side, but Boy/girl show that they are able to tie things together in a pretty satisfying way. I have no clue where they will ultimately go when the move into the full length grind, but I know I want to hear where they go. Give the disc a go if you want to hear a band try to not paint theirselves in even the slightest, and throw in a common thread that unites all of the tracks on this EP.

Top Track: Stare to the sun

Rating: 6.2/10

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