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Female fronted rock with a tinge of punk. Leiana comes forth on “No Going Back” with a style that Lennon did a few years back and that Avril wishes that ey could do. “2 B Unkind” is the first track, and while it shows the intensity of eir vocals, the limp guitar work during the track really needs  little bit of differentiation to allow this track to really be remembered by the individuals that listen in to “No Going Back”. “Can’t Reply” continues with the same break neck speed, and while the vocals have changed up their overall style a slight bit, the guitar work have not in the slightest. The inclusion of the bass during this track at points is a nice touch, but again, the guitars do not break free from their narrow band during these opening tracks.

While the style is nice for one or two tracks, the guitars attacking the same part consistently will only ensure that individuals turn off the disc sooner rather than later. “Couldn’t Tell” marks the first shift by the guitars, as they slide into a more Rancid type of sound. There is still a problem with the intricacies of the instrumental arrangements on the track, but “Couldn’t Tell” shows that the band does like to explore new ground. “Whichside” has a little bit more of a rockabilly influence, but this style iis only lightly audible during the entirety of the track. If individuals are introduced to Leiana with one or two tracks at a time (like a single with a B-side or hearing a song on the radio), I can see Leiana gaining a lot of fans. However, “No Going Back” continually goes back to the same styles and sounds, and this reliance on the same type of guitar riffs and disaffected vocals make the half-hour of “No Going Back” feel much longer.

My suggestions for Leiana and the rest of eir band on subsequent albums: listen to some different types of albums, record the disc at a number of different sessions, spaced out in time, and just try to diffetrentiate your approach a little more than is present during “No Going Back”. The style and ability of the band is not called into question (the band is musically capable and Leiana is a great singer), but “No Going Back” is an album that is a little scared to go into different domains.

Top Tracks: Me Again, Whichside

Rating: 4.5/10

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