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One World is an act that can easily move from a niche genre into something that will be accepted and appreciated by a wide swath of popular music listeners. “Julia” is a slower track that makes individuals recall an earlier Latin style. The shuffling arrangements present during this track keep the track fresh while still playing on familiar sounds and styles. By far, the best song of “Share My Love” is “Orale”. This track combines all the elements that make One World so impressive; hints of the classical Latin influence tie in with the current influences to make something that young and old can enjoy, and that is approachable enough for all but keeps some things hidden to titillate and otherwise impress hardcore listeners of One World.

Where “Orale” showed the most balanced approach to One World’s sound on “Share My Love”, the best track on “Share My Love” has to be “East of Java”. “East of Java” is the track that will bring One World fame and fortune; the hooky rhythms and desire to create a memorable song ensure that individuals will be singing “” well after the CD is put up for the night. There is little present that One Wolrd could change for their follow up album to “Share My Love”. The production is strong, making its presence felt but ensuring that it does not oppress the compositions on the disc. Furthermore, the production allows each constituent part of One World a place in the sun. What I mean here is that every part of the act has a segment during most, if not all, tracks that showcase their virtuosity and solid compositions.

Despite the fact that One World has a few years under their belt when “Share My Love” was released, I have little doubt in my mind that the band will be around for years to come, gaining listeners and rapidly approaching the fame and superstardom of individuals like Gloria Estefan and acts like Mana. While the disc will sell better in the Latin market, the aforementioned accessibility of the tracks on “Share My Love” bodes well for the act; it would not be too much to expect the act charting on CMJ charts or playing SXSW or other festivals in the years to come. Pick up this album, see One World live or pay them to play your local time, and be turned on to some of the best Latin music out there.

Top Tracks: Calypsoul, Forever

Rating: 7.0/10

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One thought on “One World – Share My Love”

  1. Just heard your new CD and just have to say that it was not at all what I thought it was-No doubt that you are a very talented group especially that one that you call Oogie, he should really sing more because his stage presence is what draws people to see the band. Although I was’nt to thrilled about your new CD, maybe next time you’ll do as good as you did with LA MAMBO or Spirits Beckon You.

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