The Hanslick Rebellion – The Deli of Life

The Hanslick Rebellion – The Deli of Life / 2007 Eschatone / 6 Tracks / /

“You Are Boring The Shit Out of Me” Is that stand-out track during “The Rebellion Is Here”. The song starts out with an instrumental interlude that will slowly worm its way into each listener’s head. The track, which deals with the banality of office work, has hints of System of a Down and Tenacious D present. The myriad styles used during this track turns the sub-four minute track into something that could conceivably be expanded to a theme album. The To My Surprise-like bass dynamic on this track solidifies this as single fodder for The Hanslick Rebellion, and this is just one of many strong shots from the band on this EP. “Photograph” brings a little bit more of the sixties to the forefront.More…

The fuzzy guitar work during this track pushes the style to a slightly newer, Replacement-like approach. The track has a number of things happening at the same thing, and it is hard at times for The Hanslick Rebellion to subjugate all parts of the song into one cohesive sound. The band, when they are on during “Photograph”, make a song that could easily make it onto any of the late sixties Bowie albums. It is when the band loses focus that there seems to be a few chinks in their armor. While there are other moments during “The Rebellion Is Here” that The Hanslick Rebellion loses their focus, it is much more often the case that the act is able to create tracks with the amazing versatility that was first present in “You Are Boring The Shit Out of Me”. I know that I will be looking for their full length follow up to this EP soon, and you should be as well. If you are in their area, give them a few bucks, get an EP, and check them out live.

Top Track: You Are Boring The Shit Out of Me

Rating: 6.8/10

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