This Holiday Life – The Beginning of the End of the World

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This Holiday Life start out their “The Beginning of the End of the World” with “A Yes, Not A No”. During “A Yes, Not A No”, This Holiday Life show that they are consummate professionals, creating a style of music that is simultaneously catchy and intricate. The band puts a stronger foot forward with their “Mission Control To My Heart”. Hints of U2 are present, even as the band crafts an emotionally intense, current type of rock. “Mission Control To My Heart” is a track that could easily bring This Holiday Life fame; the band’s blend of Weezer and Snow Patrol will bring individuals by the barrelful to their cause. The product ion is rich and vibrant, giving the overall composition a polish that is similar to that present during the last Foo Fighters album. The slower, more slinky style of “Motivation”” shows a different side to This Holiday Life.

The band eventually gets into a dance-punk groove, but keeps things slower and more deliberate to create a completely unique sound to the track. The presence of “Motivation” on “The Beginning of the End of the World” opens up further opportunities for This Holiday Life, as they can take tacks in either the direction taken by “Mission Control To My Heart” or “Motivation”. Of particularly note during “Motivation” has to be the stomping/clapping chorus that gets all listening in into a groove that is utterly infectious. The band finds another single in their “Undercover”. This track brings the perfect blend of faster and slower tempos, and acts as a middle ground for the quicker tempo of “Mission Control To My Heart” and the slower sound of “Motivation”.

The narrative that is created throughout the entirety of “The Beginning of the End of the World” is enough to keep individuals listening through the entirety of the disc, and will likely keep individuals interested until that time when This Holiday Life can craft another album. This Holiday Life has added so much to their sound since the days of “Friction”, a feat in itself considering the compelling compositions that were present theoughout each of the tracks on the disc. Buy “The Beginning of the End of the World”, see This Holiday Life live, and be taken aback by their catchy approach to rock music today and in the years that are definitely going to come for the act.

Top Tracks: Alright, O Sister Please!

Rating: 7.3/10

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