Anna Ternheim – S/T

Anna Ternheim – S/T / 2007 Decca / 6 Tracks /

Anna Ternheim has been around for a few years, releasing eir first EP in 1996 (“Sova”) and eir first LP in 2004 (“Somebody Outside”). It is just this year (and March 2008, when eir latest full length is released) that individuals in the United States will be able to hear the ability and talent of Ternheim for themselves. This EP, released by Decca, is a small “greatest hits” of sorts. From the “Somebody Outside” album, “My Secret” and “I’ll Follow You Tonight”. From “Separation Road”, eir last LP, “Today is A Good Day” and “Lovers Dream” are present. The final two tracks, a cover of David Bowie’s “China Girl” and “Bridges”, represent tracks from two of Ternheim’s earlier EPs.

While it may seem that the bulk of these tracks would not work well together, coming from different albums and different phases of Ternheim’s life, the ability of Ternheim is what links everything together and makes this EP into a cohesive unit. “China Girl” is perhaps the strong track on the disc, due to the fact that Ternheim makes a track that was barely listenable in its first iteration on rotation into something that is eminently listenable. These tracks whet individuals’ appetite for Ternheim, and the six cuts will give individuals enough material to tide themselves over until Ternheim releases eir next album in 2008. This EP provides individuals with a video segment that shows individuals the vibrant side of Ternheim, as well as allows eir to perform “Shoreline” by the Swedish indie rockers Broder Daniel. This first introduction to US audiences is a smart one, and will ensure that there is a built in fan base by the time that Ternheim releases eir next full length album.

Top Track: I’ll Follow You Tonight

Rating: 6.7/10

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