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For individuals that do not know what Bones is about, it features David Boreanaz (Buffy, Angel) as a FBI agent that is partnered with Emily Deschanel’s character (Cold Mountain and Glory Road). The “buddy comedy” and “gross out crime” genres are married her in this show, and this DVD set collects all 21 episodes in this season, among ample extras. The most interesting extra is the audio commentary that is present as another audio stream; as with many of the audio commentaries, there is an explanation of specific shots, humorous anecdotes, and individuals feel at times that they are right alongside everyone contributing these stories.

The deleted scenes are present, but do not provide as much satisfaction as the aforementioned commentaries. Another thing that adds to the camaraderie of the DVD set are the gag reels, which add a little bit more of a light feeling to a show that gets a little bit dark at times. This six-DVD set gives individuals every single bit of Bones that they could conceivably want outside of a comprehensive set of all the episodes, while providing material that makes the effective price of the set well worth it. For those individuals that speak Spanish (likely) or French (not so likely) around the house, the season two set for Bones provides subtitles in each of these languages. Set at about $60 (USD), the cost per episode turns out to be around $3 a piece. Considering that a viewing of a show for a limited period of time on an online service like iTunes runs about that, having the physical DVDs in your possession is an added bonus.

The transfer quality of these episodes ensures that all of the action is captured, no matter how large or fancy your television set may be. Hopefully it will be common practice soon to move towards newer formations. Regardless of what format Fox takes, as long as a 6 DVD set can be moved down into a 2 or 3 DVD set, the better. You better bet that if that is my harshest comment about a boxed set, that that set is pretty damn good on its own merits. If you are a fan of Bones at all, buy this DVD set and have all the Boreanaz and Deschanel love that you could possibly fit into your body. Pick this DVD set up whenever you get the money.

Rating: 7.0/10

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