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Kelly King provides a brand of pop music during “Tame Me” that does not really put anything forth that has not been done before in the genre. What is interesting about the track is the chorus, which will put individuals onto the dance floor in masses. The track rapidly slides back into its original state soon after, but it does show that King can come up with a track that could conceivably make it onto the Billboard chart. Recent events have shown that King is more than capable to make it on this chart; as of this writing, King is on the top twenty five of the Billboard chart. “I Don’t Wanna Sing That Song” is a slower song and has an equal blend of nineties and current pop. The backing instrumentation is perhaps what is most interesting about the track.

Kelly’s vocals during “I Don’t Wanna Sing That Song” are strong on their own right, but they do not possess an intensity or a hookiness that will catapult eir into a spotlight. The chorus again yields tremendous rewards, but the entirety of the track feels as if it has anemia, that the track should be sped up slightly. The vocals are yearning for a faster tempo, and just are not as impressive when they are forced into that specific, slower tempo. “I’m A Fool” is a track that King is able to use to rocket back up into some semblance of success. By using hints of jazz delivery in eir vocals, there is a Christina Aguilera type of sound present during “I’m A Fool” that paradoxically also includes the hip country of a singer like Carrie Underwood.

Kelly King is able to provide individuals with a number of styles and approaches to “Live The Dream”. However, it does not seem as if King has all of these styles completely mastered, and that the resulting disc does not have much in the way of direction at points. King is able to sing and provide a vocal intensity that only a few individuals are capable of, but when each subsequent track on “Live The Dream” is going in another direction, one cannot be as swept away by these vocals as they would be. Pick up “I’m A Fool” as a single and preview the other tracks on the disc, and go from there. Check out King in a few years to see if there is greater cohesion amongst these tracks.

Top Tracks: I’m A Fool, Unlock The Flow

Rating: 4.2/10

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