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Le Concorde – Suite / 2006 Self / 6 Tracks / http://www.leconcorde.org /

Individuals may remember who Le Concorde are from their 2004 release “Universe and Villa”, or they may know the band as the latest act worked with by former Scritti Politti member (and now producer) David Gamson. The EP starts out with “I Want You Back”, which is a track that allows Le Concorde to go forth and really craft a specific tone and style for the rest of the “Suite” EP. During “I Want You Back”, Le Concorde start their brand of indie-infused rock that is fully realized during a track like “All These Fragile Unions”. “All These Fragile Unions” marks the first single-ready track that Le Concorde creates, and it follows in the track of acts like Muse and Placebo in creating a haunting bit of indie rock that is tweaked with the inclusion of electronic influences.

Of all bands, it feels like Weezer, as well as New Order, play the most in contributing to what Le Concorde ultimately sounds like at the conclusion of “Suite”. What is perhaps the most interesting thing about Le Concorde (and should drive any fan of the band to their live shows) would have to be the fact that the act does not use pre-recorded tracks whenever they play live. The energy that is obscured during a great deal of “Suite” must be more apt to come forth in an unmitigated form during these live performances. This is what I want to hear more of from Le Concorde; the arrangements on this album are all immaculate, but I really want to hear the act go forth and show the vitality and vibrancy without having to mask it through synthesizers and other “cold” instruments. The band has built upon the dreamy landscapes of “Sound of Your Name” and really added a number of layers to the mix. “Suite” is impressive.
Top Track: I Want You Back

Rating: 6.9/10

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