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OST: Feel The Noise / 2007 Sony / 10 Tracks / http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/feelthenoise/index.html /

Feel The Noise was the movie that featured Omarion and discusses the evolution of a young male that has to flee from gang violence to Puerto Rico, becoming taken up in the musical culture of Reggaeton. The character eventually strives to be a Reggaeton star, leading up to their performance at New York’s Puerto Rican Day Parade. As one can likely guess, the soundtrack has a number of songs by individuals that are in some way involved with the Reggaeton scene. I’m not very familiar with the scene myself, but individuals that watch the movie are likely not going to be either. For those fans of mainstream music, there is only one track that will stand out from a cursory glance at the back of the CD – Omarion’s “Cut Off Time”. There are other tracks present by established rappers – Omarion is featured again, this time with Wyclef Jean, for the track “Coqui”, while Pras comes forth during “Pa La Calle”.

However, individuals that have seen the movie will have heard the songs from the movie and thus know what to expect. The Reggae and rap blend that dominates through the soundtrack provides a great backdrop for the actions of the movie. The only major criticism that I can levy against this soundtrack would have to be its length. With only ten tracks, things fold up shop at the thirty seven minute mark. Even if there were not any other songs that were present during the movie, remixes or other songs that were influenced by the action of the movie could have been added to pad this disc.

The disc provides the perfect atmosphere for driving around the city on a hot summer day. The music that is present here isn’t doom and gloom, and it doesn’t taint the instrumental section of the tracks with anything that negative. “Feel The Noise” was a solid movie regardless of how many times that specific type of plot was used, and it was able to birth the soundtrack here, which is very solid. If you liked the music from the movie, give this soundtrack a spin. If you couldn’t get behind the tracks that were presented, skip out on it and find a compilation that covers other segments of the Reggaeton phenomenon. Fans of Omarion should pick this up to see how ey has evolved in the time since eir earliest recordings; I think they will be surprised.

Top Tracks: W7 – Get Down, Cucu Diamantes – Pa La Calle

Rating: 6.0/10

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