Kate Nash – Made of Bricks

Kate Nash – Made of Bricks / 2007 Polydor / 12 Tracks / http://www.katenash.co.uk /

Kate Nash has been all the rage in the United Kingdom for over a year now. It is only now that Nash is trying to break it big in America, and with the works on this album, the chance that Nash breaks it big in America is considerable. The opening track on the disc is “Play”, and despite the stop-start nature of the track, a certain catchiness comes forth during this track that will create a fire in individuals. Where “Play” will bring fans of the B-52s and Deee-lite to Nash’s camp, the first single (“Foundations”) will get individuals’ toes tapping in a way that Corrine Bailey Rae and Pink have in the last few years. Where everything  prior to this track showed that Nash was a capable individual, the melodies achieved by eir during this track should make individuals stand up and take notice – they are simply amazing.

“Mouthwash” contributes to “Made of Bricks” in much the same way as “Foundations”, as it shows a strong set of vocals linked alongside quirky but ultimately endearing arrangements. While Nash does not create as catchy of vocal melodies during “Mouthwash”, it is the unity of vocals and instrumentations during “Mouthwash” that puts the track in the same plateau as “Foundations”. The first major shift away from the sounds that started out “Made of Bricks” comes in “Dickhead”. The slower tempo used during this track allows the vocals to shine in much the same way as “Foundations”, but the human-made percussions (mouth noises, clicking sounds) unite the two sides of things, making the song into something that is truly unique.

Nash moves into “Birds” with a tremendous amount of momentum, as well as another benefit – individuals have no idea where ey will go for this next track.  There are moments of slower and faster instrumentation during “Birds”, but the wind-swept sounds present during the track is what will get the most individuals’ attention. Of particular note during “Birds” has to be the groove that Nash gets into during the chorus; with this song, individuals will be hooked with an intensity that is not often present with the work of current singers. If you want to hear a singer that does not immediately fit into the pop mold created by Britney, Pink, Clarkson and the like, you should pick up “Made of Bricks”. The endearing qualities of this album will ensure that it will be in your player for months to come.

Top Tracks: Birds, Foundations

Rating: 6.5/10

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