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The tidiness with which Movie Star Kiss create their introductory track on “Sunset Junction”, “Just Can’t Have It All” virtually ensure some large fan base for the band. The band does not immediately link themselves to a specific set of bands and influences, but plays rock music with hints of emo music strewn throughout. “Just Can’t Have It All” is a sunny track that has a little bit of grit present. The act may not rocket up the charts with this track, but their effort here gets individuals interested. “We’re Going Out Tonight” is more of the same, and it is during this track where the band starts to get in a little bit of a problem. Sure, there might be a “feel good” aspect to the act, but there has not been anything that distinguishes them from the vast majority of acts already out on the market.

“Going To Last” starts out with a solid set of guitar lines before gradually going back to the same general sound crafted by Movie Star Kiss up to this point.  It is during “Going To Last” where Movie Star Kiss starts to move themselves into a New Found Glory meets Simple Plan type of sound. The grittier rock style that stars off “Self Destructed” is a night change of pace, but there is just not enough in the way of new approaches or styles broached that would keep individuals interested in the band. Movie Star Kiss has a decent bit of talent going for them, but there is nothing present on “Sunset Junction” that will bring them any more fame than they already have. It should be a goal of the band to come up with a distinct sound that they can ride until that point where they start charting throughout the United States.

Top Track: Way Back Home

Rating: 5.0/10

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