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Severe Torture has their influences all down, as the limited edition first pressing of “Sworn Vengeance’ has the band’s covers of Cro-Mags and Entombed classics. The first track on “Sworn Vengeance” is “Dismal Perception”, which paints the act as one that can play their brand of speed metal as fast as humanely possible without losing their ability to tell a story.

Thus, individuals can find in “Dismal Perception” a track that has all the intensity of a Slayer but all of the story of a band like Blind Guardian. The fact that Severe Torture can go forth and come up with three minutes of music without sounding as if they have fallen into a rut further gives credence to the fact that the act is one of the most talented in their genre. One need only listen to the guitar solo that leads towards the end of “Dismal Perception” to understand the musical ability of the act. “Serenity Torn Asunder” brings fort much of the same style, but changes things up enough to keep individuals interested in the band for another good three minutes. The only thing that seems like a weakness during “Serenity Torn Asunder” would have to be the fact that it feels as if Severe Torture has limited themselves to a specific band of noise. Rather than going to the extent of their sound, this limitation makes the track into something that could conceivably be passed. However, this is not the case during “Fight Something”, which is a track that moves the band back into providing a harmony that will be nearly impossible to remove after listening to the song.

Again, the act is able to come forth with more than enough in the way of interesting music for this track – well over four minutes, “Fight Something” comes forth as one of the longest tracks on the entirety of “Sworn Vengeance”. “Repeat Offender” is a track that shows that Sworn Vengeance is definitely able to go forth and craft a coherent sound for their album, as well as showing listeners that the act can throw some other curveballs in. The best thing about “Sworn Vengeance” is the fact that the band could get even better for here. There are minor issues with the songs on the disc, but nothing that will draw away listeners from the album. Rather than having to change up their sound for their next album, Severe Torture can go forth and perfect what was present first on “Sworn Vengeance”. If you like your speed metal to use elements of thrash, sludge, and even power metal, give Severe Torture’s latest a spin.

Top Tracks: Submerged in Grief, Buried Hatchet

Rating: 7.0/10

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