Will and Grace – Season Seven

Will and Grace – Season Seven / 2007 NBC / 515 Minutes / http://www.nbc.com /

Will and Grace was one of those shows that I never truly got into. I felt that the characterization of Jack played too much on the typical gay male stereotype that is dominant in the United States. However, as the seasons rolled on, this characterization calmed down and the character was fleshed out considerably. By the time that Season Seven hit, one could honestly see Jack existing in real life – this box set marks the continual evolution of the character through the second to last season. All twenty four episodes are present on this 4 disc set, along with a few bonus features that make this boxed set a great value.

 For example, there is an outtake reel that will have individuals cracking up, while the featurettes that are present give individuals a little bit more in the way of insight into the minds of the actors throughout the entirety of the season. Beyond that, there is not much to say; Season Seven has been criticized by some as relying a little too heavily on guest stars, but with seeing these episodes again, it feels as if a number of these guest stars worked themselves into the episode rather than forcing the writers of Will and Grace to work around the actors. Sure, there are a few plots that revolve around guest stars (such as Janet Jackson), but these are few and far between. What is most interesting about the quickness in which NBC is releasing these boxed sets is that there is little time for the world to change before the boxed sets come out.

What happened during the early days of boxed sets is that shows like M.A.S.H., which had ended about 15 years prior, was given a box set. The world in which M.A.S.H. was written (not set, but written) was substantially different from 1998, so individuals may have had a little bit of culture shock. This culture shock has decreased considerably, considering that the last episode in this box set aired only two and a half years ago. For those fans of the show, NBC only has to release one final boxed set – the eight season – and will undoubtedly do so in a few short months. The numerous episodes on this boxed set ensures that individuals will be sated until this next boxed set is released.

Rating: 6.0/10

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