Blackmore’s Night – Paris Moon

Blackmore’s Night – Paris Moon / 2007 Steamhammer / /

Individuals that are unsure exactly who the eponymous “Blackmore” is in Blackmore’s Night, it is Ritchie Blackmore, who may be more well known for eir stints in both Deep Purple and Rainbow. While the seeds for Blackmore’s Night were first laid in 1990, the act did not come up with a full length album until 1997. However, since 1997, the band has created a large amount of material; “Paris Moon” marks their second live DVD in two years’ time. The backdrop for this performance is the Paris Olympia, which has been in some sort of use (with minor down times) since 1888. Aside from the ambiance that the Olympia provides, there is a little bit more in the way of a special flair to the tracks on this DVD – this concert was conducted as a celebration, marking the band’s 10 continued years of existence.

The value of this set is incredible; individuals will receive the full show, which features tracks like “Past Times With Good Company”, “Diamonds & Rust”, and “Fires and Midnight”. A CD is included as well, giving individuals an easier way to cart around the band’s performance, and a solid bonus section makes this into a must buy for anyone that is into Blackmore’s work. The bonus section’s biggest “grab” has to be the ten-minute documentary about the act. While short, it provides a bevy of information about Blackmore’s Night for anyone that might not be too educated about the band.

Despite the fact that Blackmore’s Night plays a style of “medieval rock”, there is a tremendous amount of audience participation. This goes far beyond singing along with the songs; the fans get raucous and clap along to the track at a number of points during this DVD. The Olympia further amplifies this by providing a great atmospheric, an antique atmospheric to mesh well with the storied type of rock that comes forth from Blackmore’s Night. It is going on two years since “The Village Lanterne” was released (“Winter Carols” screams more of a holiday type of release to me, so I’m not counting it), so Blackmore’s Night should be ramping up to create a new album. With “Paris Moon” tiding individuals over, the wait will be much easier than one might think.

Top Tracks: Ariel, Loreley

Rating: 6.5/10

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