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Chili Jackson – S/T / 2007 Conscious / 3 Tracks / /

The soulful, slow style of rock that Chili Jackson plays does not have an easy set of influences to decipher. The style of music that Jackson opens up this self-titled disc, during “Why”, is something that individuals have heard before but cannot pin down. The track is catchy and even sounds a little on the happy side until one listens to what is exactly being sang about. The strong instrumental arrangement that is present during this track further solidifies Jackson’s status as one of the most impressive rockers of the last few years. The trippy guitar solo that breaks the two parts of the track up provides another source of momentum, and leads in nicely to the combination of the two voices.

The “hump” track is “She’s Mine”, and the opening guitar riffs draws from the same traditional as “Why”. The lighter sound of this track blends together equal amounts of Eagle Eye Cherry and John Maher. The radio friendly sound of “She’s Mine” is couched in the same influences as “Why”, and ensures that individuals will be lining up to listen in to Jackson’s full length, whenever it may come out. The final track on the disc is “Another Place and Time”, and despite its slower pacing, the beauty present in the previous two tracks continues into “Another Place And Time”. Chili Jackson may only provide individuals with about 10 minutes of music, but the ability of eir is simply stellar. Just give eir a few years and chances will be good that Jackson will be rocking the socks off of thousands each show.

Top Track: Another Place and Time

Rating: 8.0/10

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