Ephel Duath – Ephel Duath

Ephel Duath – Ephel Duath / 2007 Earache / 9 tracks / http://www.myspace.com/ephelduath

Having not listened Ephel Duath previously and realizing right away that this is a remixes record I decided to check out this band before listening to Pain Remixes the Known. Upon giving them a listen it becomes clear quickly that this band draws its sound from very influential American bands such as Converge, Botch and Coalesce. So if you’re into that era of hardcore check out Ephel’s previous records. Upon putting in this record the first thing I noticed was that it sounds nothing at all like their other releases (namely because it’s a remix record). The record starts out with essentially inaudible noise and filters being run on their vocalist’s voice.

The record progresses through several different moods throughout its 45 odd minute running time. It is mostly noisy chaotic techno with fragments and sound clips from the first release of this record strewn throughout. It comes across as basically an emotional roller coaster of jazz laden guitar riffs from the record, mixed with sometimes infectious techno added as a compliment. The techno aspect of the record definitely makes the record harder to listen to than its counter part in the initial release. Over all, however, it’s not a bad record; A little difficult to listen to at some parts but over all I’d say they achieved what they were striving for. So, if you’re into late 90’s early 00’s artistic hardcore/metal/whatever and you like or can listen to techno give this record a listen and you won’t be disappointed.

Top Track: Hole III
Rating: 6/10

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