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“Saturday Night Shannon” is the first track on “Speed Of Light”. Monork To Die is really trying to come forth with a track that could be accepted during the fifties, when all the boy-rock bands were present. Aside from a little too much in the way of distortion on the guitars, Monork To Die does just that. Considering that The Ramones and The Replacements would ultimately draw from different segments of this genre, it is not surprising to hear more than a fair share of the two bands in Monork To Die’s output during this track.

What results during “Saturday Night Shannon” is something that is catchy, even if there is little to it beyond the simple arrangements put forth by the guitar, drums, and vocals. “Go Mary!” is the second track on the disc, and the opening suggest that it will be much of the same. However much Monork To Die continue to play in this same genre, it feels as if the vocals are drawing from a newer set of influences. This means that the vocals sound very similar to those put forth by Soul Asylum on their “Grave Dancers Union”. However, the style of the band during “Go Mary!” is still fun, still catchy, and Monork To Die have their second hit in two tries.

The disc ends with “Do I Hate You?”, a track that breaks free of the genres broached during the opening two tracks. There is no real linkage during “Do I Hate You?” to any specific genre – Monork To Die have socialized their fans a certain way and introduce these fans to their own style only at the end. The disc may only be about six minutes, but Monork To Die imbue the EP with such a high replay value that individuals could conceivably just stick “Speed Of Light” on repeat without any negative consequences.

Top Tracks: Do I Hate You?

Rating: 7.0/10

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