Putumayo Presents Latin Reggae

Putumayo Presents Latin Reggae / 2008 Putumayo / 11.Tracks / http://www.putumayo.com /

This is another one in the compilation of different world music CDs that Putumayo has put out in the last few years. For those individuals that are not in the know, what Putumayo does is pick a specific set of musicians, whether they be Middle Eastern, Eastern European, or the like, and then find a strong set of artists out of this geographically and stylistically narrow designation. From there, they go forth and allow groups and individuals that, while famous in their native region, have not broken it big in the American context. This is what “Latin Reggae” tries to do; while I’ve personally not heard of any of the acts that are present on this CD, I know that I will search out more of their music in the days, weeks, and months to come.

This compilation starts out with Muchachito Bombo Infierno’s “Conversaciones Incompatibles”, a track that blends a Latin sound with a little bit of a reggae sound. This dance-worthy song is a little slow, but the catchiness of the arrangements is what will keep individuals listening in. The strong step forward taken by Muchachito Bombo Infierno will ensure that listeners stick with the disc, and the second track, Macaco’s “Mulata Descolorada” speeds things up slightly. This keeps individuals firmly in their seat while still continuing with some of the same styles and sounds that opened up the disc. When Putumayo says that they are going to come out with a “Latin Reggae” disc, that is what they are going to do.

Each of the 11 cuts on the album focuses on some melding of the two styles, and while the sounds vary in terms of genre and overall influence, there is a sort of thread drawn through the entirety of the disc. Songs come and go quickly, and this compilation would be the perfect thing to just sit back and drink to. None of the tracks that I can tell have any form of English vocals to them, but individuals can just take the vocals as being another type of instrument, drawing and presenting different aspects to each and every track on the album. Putumayo comes out with another strong disc, and even the sixties blend that Ticklah puts forth on “Si Hecho Palante” will win over listeners and ensure that the disc will be played for weeks and months to come.

Top Tracks: Black Gandhi / Pateras, Go Lem System / Pura Sangre

Rating: 7.2/10

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