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It is sad that at this point, the vast majority of fans of Soundside are in New York. The band’s music, especially during “Seconds From Sunrise”, should be known by a fan base that is thousands deep in every state in the United States and every country in the world. The band is slowly expanding this fan base, and the tracks on “Seconds From Sunrise” are strong enough to ensure that by the end of 2008, they will have multiplied their fan base by a considerable number. The first track that stands out during “Seconds From Sunrise” is “Mind Over Maria”, which is a track that links together bands such as Matchbox 20 and The Starting Line to Soundside’s own unique style.

The track is masterfully produced, and the resulting track is something that could easily be heard on rock rotation radio. The fact that the band can meander off into a ska type of style during the track (imagine early No Doubt or Sublime) is a further testament the band’s ability. Continuing their strong effort on “Seconds From Sunrise” with “GBR”, Soundside is able to insert vim and vigor into a style of rock that is cluttered with the efforts of acts that failed to capture the hearts and imaginations of possible fans. The emotions captured during “GBR” tie together with a catchy chorus and a set of influences that range the gamut from hair metal acts such as Bon Jovi all the way Sevenmarythree and Three Days Grace. The fact that Soundside can pull from so many parts of the corpus of rock will ensure that fans can find something that they can appreciate no matter their own preferences on “Seconds From Sunrise”.

“Loss For Words” has to be the band’s biggest hit off of “Seconds From Sunrise”, and the epic nature of the track is what will immediately perk up listeners’ ears and get them focused on the track. The bombastic drums further set the stage, while the driving arrangements that come forth soon after ensure that individuals are strapped in for the ride. While Soundside approach more of the current rock sound with “Seconds From Sunrise”, they are able to maintain their own unique sound during this track. This bodes well for the band; the act will be able to release further singles that captures this same unique sound and provide a chance for Soundside to be the next big thing. With everything in place, it should only be a matter of time before the act is recognized more broadly.

Top Tracks: Loss For Words, GBR

Rating: 7.7/10

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