The Berzerker – Animosity

The Berzerker- Animosity / 2007 Earache Records / 10 Tracks /

The Berzerker used to wear masks and dress up as demons. Now they don’t do that. They’re from Australia; headquarters to some of the most brutal and unrelenting Grindcore bands in the world. The Berzerker is no exception. It is fast, It sounds like a Nintendo game and it is very mean. Its very true to the origins of Grindcore and at the same time it sounds nothing like the original Grindcore bands. The first listen of this record is very difficult. But after that the record is absolutely fascinating. From start to finish it rips your face off and tears you in a thousand different directions. There is no room to breathe while they’re playing, but that’s ok because it’s a rather short record. If you like your music fast and brutal and get down to the likes of Pig Destroyer and Phobia you’ll be really into The Berzerker.

Top Track: False Hope
Rating: 9/10


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