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This iteration of Armageddon has one of the better cards for this PPV. This time around, everything even down to the dark match (which saw Jesse and Festus defeat John Morrison and The Miz) was compelling in its own right. Rey Mysterio and MVP had a match that for once saw them fight against individuals that were more or less their own size (instead of saddling each with monsters, such as MVP and Kane or Mysterio and Mark Henry or The Great Khali). Big Daddy V and Mark Henry are given a further push after defeating CM Punk and Kane, allowing them to provide a serious threat to any one of the three major champions of the WWE at a later PPV. 

Two major matches really keep the momentum going in the middle of the card – the Shawn Michaels / Mr. Kennedy match and the Jeff Hardy / Triple H match, which both last for well over fifteen minutes. The tag team antics of Finlay and Hornswoggle in felling (but ultimately losing via disqualification to) The Great Khali will never be nominated for a match of the year candidate, but lightens the mood after the two serious matches previously. While I personally would have liked Chris Jericho to walk out with the WWE Championship after the match with Randy Orton, the resulting interference by JBL provides Jericho with a ready-made feud, as well as opening up further opportunities with Randy Orton. Another personal preference would have had the Woman’s championship match bumped further down the card, placed maybe between the Michaels/Kennedy and Hardy/Triple H matches.  

The match of the night for me has to be the show-closer, the match in which the re-packaged Major Brothers distracted Undertaker and Batista to bring Edge the World Heavyweight Championship. The match itself provided a little bit of lightness that shows that the WWE can tread a fine line between cunning and self-parody and ultimately win out. The Major Brothers (or Edgeheads, as they are now known) actually look somewhat like Edge himself, and were done up to have the same type of hair and tattoos that Edge have. The ending to WWE’s Armageddon 2007 is fulfilling and a chance of pace from many of their other PPVs. Check this out to see a good set of matches, some interesting storytelling, and a solid card.

Rating: 7.0/10

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