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“My Fault” begins with little more than a guitar softly strumming. The vocals come in soon after, with a sound that blends equal parts current Bon Jovi and Geddy Lee. The style of music that Audiocrash plays is a very time-tested brand of rock music, ultimately current but playing heavily on the classic rock genre. “I Can’t Feel You Anymore” has a live feel to it that showcases a different part of Audiocrash. The Bon Jovi comparison becomes even more present during this track, but Audiocrash continues to insert their own style through the duet style that is dominant during this track.

“Because” is the track on “Time Sensitive Material” that Audiocrash really begin to divorce themselves from the influences that were present on earlier tracks. The band’s interpretation of the rock genre is catchy, fun, and musically impressive. The trippier sound of “Otherwise” continues the same shift toward the creation of a unique sound that was first heard during “Because”, while the act navigates its way through banks of distortion and meandering musical arrangements. I personally like the way that Audiocrash orient their “Time Sensitive Material”. By having tracks that more closely link the band to their influences at the early sections of the CD, they gradually introduce listeners to their own unique interpretation of the rock genre.

Thus, it is possible for the band to make the incredibly interesting “Life Line”, which simultaneously links together the rock of acts like U2, the Psychedelic Furs and Tom Petty into something that, despite playing on an earlier tradition, is fresh and vibrant. The overall approach that Audiocrash takes during “Life Line” is expanded considerably during the “Leprechaun’s Waltz”. This instrumental track is the track that will showcase most clearly the ability and skill present in each member of Audiocrash; while the vocals are nice on a number of tracks, the band is smart to include such an expression of their talent on “Time Sensitive Material”.  Audiocrash will be big, just give them another year or so; their music is too impressive and approachable for them to be working in any sort of small bar or club for long. Check out “Time Sensitive Material”, catch them when they play around you, and support them by buying some further merch. With your support they will achieve the fame that they so rightfully deserve.

Top Tracks: Life Line, Otherwise

Rating: 6.9/10

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  1. you guys rock & I have written my 1st song….need band to join…will play for food….

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