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Bee Movie Special Edition / 2008 Dreamworks / 90 Minutes / /

As many individuals know, Jerry Seinfeld was the mastermind behind Bee Movie. This special edition features the movie in a widescreen format, and a slew of different features that will keep individuals interested for months to come. There are literally hours of extra content for individuals to focus on, whether it be the commentary put forth by Seinfeld and the movie’s creators, the outtakes (and alternate endings), please a number of other featurettes. While there are some featurettes that are not at the level of a commentary or lost scenes (especially the footage of Seinfeld flying over Cannes, France), the vast majority of footage is such that individuals can turn it on and really get a little bit more in the way of context about the movie.

The pseudo-documentary called “Inside the Hive” provides a few other sides of things, showing information about the cast of the movie. This is especially interesting considering the vast majority of the focus up to this point had been on Seinfeld and eir contributions to the film. The second disc of this 2-DVD set continues educating individuals about the creative process of Bee Movie, along with throwing some extra extras in. For example, there is a video for “We Got The Bee”, a video game for children (or bored adults) to play, as well as informative content (“The Buzz About Bees”) and another featurette / mini-documentary (“Meet Barry B. Benson”).

Obviously, for anyone that has still yet to get Bee Movie, this is a must buy purchase. For those individuals that have already seen the movie at theatres, there is more than enough extra material present that the purchase price is low enough to merit a purchase. With the further move towards the new generations of movie media, one can only expect more in the way of features to be added. Here’s to hoping that further versions of DreamWorks movies can have all of this content on one disc, or even more information spread out over two. Give the set a go if you have children that liked the movie, or even if you liked the movie and would like to get a better appreciation for all the work that was made in the creation of the film.

Rating: 7.5/10

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