Jack Ketchum’s The Lost

Jack Ketchum’s The Lost / 2008 Anchor Bay / 119 Minutes / http://www.anchorbayent.com /

Individuals may be familiar with the original book by Jack Ketchum that this movie is made off of. The 2001 work is considered by many to be one of Ketchum’s best known works, and it should not be surprising that Anchor Bay and director/producer Chris Sivertson (All Cheerleaders Die, I Know Who Killed Me) would want to bring it to film. Ray (Marc Senter, from Cupids and I Know Who Killed Me) is a messed up individual. Where eir actions are nothing too terribly out of the ordinary at the beginning of the film (carousing, drinking, having sex), things take a complete turn after Ray ends up shooting two individuals.

The crime goes unpunished – Ray’s friends Tim (Alex Frost, from Elephant, Stop-Loss, and Drillbit Taylor) and Jen (Shay Astar, who individuals may remember as August from 3rd Rock From The Sun) – help remove all evidence from the scene. The action fast-forwards to four years later, where Ray’s life is still pretty much the same. Ey has a live-in type of girlfriend in Kath, fighting and struggling with eir at a fairly regular basis. Put to the end of eir rope, Ray feels that it is time to bring forth all the flame and fury that ey can muster. While there are two detectives that are trying to bring Ray to justice, Ray is brining eir weapons out of disuse. The dramatic tension in Jack Ketchum’s The Lost is such that viewers will feel that anything could happen.

The quick cuts and cinematography enasure that individuals will not know what is happening next. The additional features that are present – an audio commentary with Ketchum eirself, along with Monica O’Rourke, footage of the audition reels, outtakes, and the storyboards,  provide individuals with even more value for their buck. Siverton has done a great job in casting individuals that, while not famous at the current moment, will be the next big thing in the years to come. Jack Ketchum’s “The Lost” is a thriller that will keep individuals on the edges of their seats for a while to come; here’s to hoping that the Ketchum/Sivertson combination is something that can be borne out in the years to come.

Rating: 7.7/10

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