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Life In Bed – Passed and Presents / 2008 Self / 11 Tracks / /

The style of music that Life in Bed plays during the first track on the disc (“Idealism Is A Concept”) is a style that reflects a heavy influence by bands like Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Cure. The band meanders around during this first track, and I feel that a more authoritative track would have done the band wonders at this juncture. The band’s work on “Idealism Is A Concept” is solid enough to bring individuals into the second track, “Far From You”. “Far From You” continues much of the same influences and sounds that fueled “Idealism Is A Concept”, but the vocals have shifted slightly to reflect more of a Chris Isaak type of influence. 

The bass comes into prominence during this track as well, providing a ropy, chunky sound that acts well as a counterpoint to the vocalist’s dry and sometimes raspy voice. The one positive about the band during the entirety of “Passed and Presents” is the fact that they are able to craft a very cohesive sound throughout all eleven tracks on the disc. While the style is perhaps not that that will provide the band the easiest trek to the top, individuals have to give Life in Bed props for trying to perfect their sound. The inclusion of a slightly more intense sound during “First Chapter” shows that Life In Bed can break themselves free of a (sometimes) constricting type of sound. The act still struggles to create something amazing with their compositions, but the fact that the band has changed things up at this juncture will undoubtedly ensure that listeners stick around for a few additional tracks.

The band creates a sound that is undoubtedly theirs on the entirety of “Passed and Presents”, but it is not anything that individuals should write home about. The style of indie rock that they play is proficient, sure, but there is nothing here that has not been done previously. If the act could vary their sound up a little bit more and give listeners a reason to focus and love the act, then it will be a foregone conclusion that the act will get on rotation on radio stations across the U.S.. If not, the band will be relegated to the dustbin of history. I still hold out hope for Life in Bed, though.

Top Tracks: Smile, Author

Rating: 5.1/10

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