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Known for their “Cumbersome”, Seven Mary Three have been outside of the limelight for a few years. This does not mean that the band lost their fan base or anything; the act was attracting fans well before the song hit, being founded in 1992. While original member Jason Pollock is out of the band, the act has decided to go forward, past-fame, and create a solid album in “Day&NightDriving”. This, their seventh full album, shows listeners a higher amount of maturity than has been found in any previous 7M3 album. The disc starts out with their first single, “Last Kiss”.

“Last Kiss” is a track that eschews much of the band’s post grunge sound. Instead of trying to capitalize on the sound that originally made them big, the smoothed-out rock of the band during this track seems like something that could easily be on the adult contemporary charts. Hints of Goo Goo Dolls and late-era Bon Jovi are both present during this track. While the vocals are something that can be heard floating across the quad in any campus, the band is able to create a compelling set of arrangements that will make individuals think, forcing them to dissect the track a number of times before fully getting what the act is trying to do with this track. “Laughing Out Loud” is the second cut on the album, and shows a more subtle, sedate brand of Seven Mary Three. The strung-out approach of the band during this track provides individuals with a slightly different idea of the influences present during “Day&NightDriving”. It is during “Was A Ghost” that Seven Mary Three find their sound, a blend of Foo Fighters and Barenaked Ladies. This style is something that will bring them fame, and maybe even more fame than would “Last Kiss”. The band looks into an earlier, folkier sound during “Dreaming Against Me”. Where “Dreaming Against Me” continues to contribute to the band’s overall sound crafted during this disc, it provides yet another facet to what is becoming an increasingly eclectic album. The band may be forever known for a specific track, but Seven Mary Three have made a solid pop-infused rock album in “Day&NightDriving”. This will be the big album for the sunny summer days, even considering the disc was released in the snowy month of February.

Top Tracks: You Think Too Much, Hammer & A Stone

Rating: 7.0/10

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