Walk The Line: Extended Cut

Walk The Line: Extended Cut / 2008 Fox / 153 Minutes / http://www.foxhome.com /

Most of America (or at least a good segment of the populace), watched Walk The Line. This story, about the earlier days of Johnny Cash, was given a number of accolades. The original (2006) edition of the DVD sold incredible amounts, with over three million copies of the original editions sold on the first day of its release. It’s been a good two years, and Fox has found a number of different bells and whistles that were added to this, the Extended Cut of Walk The Line.

The first disc will be that that will get individuals interested the most: the titular extended version of the movie, coupled with the commentary with the director (James Mangold, also known for eir “Girl, Interrupted”, “Identity”, and “3:10 To Yuma”). The second disc will provide individuals with a little extra in the way of information. If the viewer is an audiophile, there is the “Johnny Cash Jukebox”, which provides individuals with longer musical performances than were originally present during the movie. The deleted scenes are also present on the second disc, while the featurettes come out in a large number. Perhaps the most interesting of these mini-features has to be the “Becoming Cash/Becoming Carter” featurette, which really gets into the heads of Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, more than any single interview or feature piece could hope to.

Also of note would have to be the “Folsom: Cash and the Comeback” featurette, which gives individuals that may not have had the chance to see the comeback of Johnny Cash the first time around all of the information that they could conceivably ever want to educate themselves about how major of an event the Folsom show was. While there are featurettes here that may not immediately click with individuals (being an atheist, I just felt that I could not really get into “Cash and His Faith”), the presentation of this 2-DVD set is more than enough for individuals to get into and really appreciate. If you are a fan of Cash in any sort of sense, and even if you have the original version of the DVD, this 2-DVD set will provide enough in the way of extra features to keep the individual affixed to the screen for hours to come.

Rating: 7.5/10

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