Emily Saxe – Keeping You In Mind

Emily Saxe – Keeping You In Mind / 2007 P.S. Classics / 12 Tracks / http://www.emilysaxe.com /

Even though most individuals are not as of yet familiar with who Emily Saxe is and what ey is looking to do with “Keeping You In Mind”, chances are that individuals will be familiar with some parts of eir pedigree. This is because eir grandfather worked with Johnny Mercer in the creation of some of America’s most known songs. More so than that, Saxe’s mother is a pretty well known jazz pianist. This means that, aside form having to create a catchy and compelling album, Saxe has to go and really fill the footsteps of eir predecessors. The first step forward in trying to do just that is the disc’s title track. “Keeping You In Mind” shows that Saxe is very well cultured in the slinky type of jazz that come out of Harlem nightclubs all through the thirties.

While there is not a more contemporary thread present in Saxe’s music during “Keeping You in mind”, the fact that Saxe sounds so damn good in this style should be enough to convince individuals to purchase this album. “Invitation to a Dance” is an interesting shift in the style that Saxe follows. What was much more jazzy and intense in compositions turns into something that is much more muted and subtle. This style is blended with the preceding style for the following track “He Was Too Good To Me”. As “Keeping You In Mind” rolls on, what comes forth as something interesting is the fact that a number of the compositions here have a great deal of minimalist types of compositions present. Where there are styles that are ultimately layered over these minimalist constructs, individuals would gain much from deconstructing the track and understanding what the minimalist arrangements contribute to the overall style of “Keeping You In Mind”.

“The Last Day of Summer” is the track that could conceivably Saxe to crossover to the mainstream. This would happen if Saxe was picked up for a compilation or movie score, and if this could happen, the rest of “Keeping You In Mind” touches on this crossover style enough to keep individuals listening throughout. An interesting album, “Keeping You In Mind” blends classical, jazz, soul, blues, and a little bit of alternative into something that is timeless in its overall sound. Give it a go if you like to be challenged by your music.

Top Tracks: Rainbow Sleeves, He Was Too Good To Me

Rating: 6.7/10

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