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Obviously, individuals know Hugh Laurie from the hit show House M.D.. They may also remember Anna Chancellor from Four Weddings and A Funeral and (just-reviewed on NeuFutur) Suburban Shootout. If they are particulary well-versed in British novels, they may also know that the show was adapted from of the novel of the same name, written by Nigel Williams (“The Wimbledon Trilogy, Scenes From A Poisoner’s Life, Hatchett & Lycett). Unlike House, Fortysomething is firmly rooted in the comedy genre. The comedy in this show is realistically-based, though, which makes this series something that many more individuals can identify with.

Thus, Paul (Hugh Laurie) is worried that eir wife will run off with another man, while Paul’s partner is completely insane and Paul’s sons are looking for anything or anyone to hook up with. Couple that with the fact that Paul is sexually frustrated, and individuals will have a great time through the 6 hours of the mini-series. The show is rounded off by a bevy of other talented actors; Steven Fry (from Fry and Laurie, Blackadder, and Kingdom), Sheila Hancock (Bedtime, Feather Boy), and Emma Ferguson (The Bill and Mile High) are also present in a number of episodes. While individuals of a younger set may have a little problem identifying with the characters directly, chances are good that they can appreciate the show if they have any acquaintances or family members in the time frame acknowledged by the show’s title. While individuals will likely burn through this DVD set quickly (I frankly wondered where all the time went), Fortysomething ends in a satisfying sense.

Where ITV placed the show on a late slot on Saturday during its original run on the network, individuals can purchase this set and not have to wonder, as they once did, when the show would be bumped to next. While individuals are mainly socialized into seeing Hugh Laurie as a tortured, demented soul in House, Fortysomething can largely be seen as an “alternate universe” version of the same character, albeit in the United Kingdom. For fans of Hugh Laurie’s work, this DVD set allows individuals to show exactly how wide of a range ey has, even when one is playing an individual in the same profession. Pick this set up.

Rating: 7.8/10

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