Justice of the Unicorns – Angels With Uzis

Justice of the Unicorns – Angels With Uzis / 2008 Little Lamb / 13 Tracks / http://www.justiceoftheunicorns.com /

After Justice of the Unicorns introduce their listeners to the band with “Angels Descend”, the first actual track that confronts listeners is “Malibu Is High End”. “Malibu Is High End” is a very odd track due to the warbly vocals that confront listeners. There are hints of Neil Young in these vocals, but the human quality of the vocals operates as a perfect counterpoint to the martial, on-time drumming that lay at the bottom of the track. While there is a much more sedate approach, Justice of the Unicorns seem to have the same influence set that early Radiohead drew their inspirations from.

I believe that this moderating influence is early-nineties Flaming Lips, but I’m not sure. The dual vocals that start off “Wild Tiger” give Justice of the Unicorns a decidedly eighties sound, and even the country stylings of the vocals during this track can’t hold this style back. Justice of the Unicorns are a very unique type of band, and it is really during a song like “Wild Tiger” that this becomes noticeable. It is not the specific sound that the band creates that causes me to say the band is unique, but rather the way in which they orient and link together disparate elements and genres of music. The fact that there is an infectious harmony present during many of the tracks on “Angels With Uzis” is another reason why this album is infectious and compelling even from the introduction. “McCarren Pool” is a track that continues to throw in catchy singing with an instrumentation that vacillates between a sixties pop and an Bauhaus approach to goth music.

What results is something sunny, something ultimately danceable, and is something that should be deemed yet another hit for Justice of the Unicorns. Not that many people know who Justice of the Unicorns are at this time, but I have no doubt that the act will become bigger as more individuals are able to figure out exactly how amazing of a band they are. “Fried Rice” is yet another song that proves what has been said during the review. The vocals are amazing, the guitars bolster any weak or quiet moments for the said vocals, and what would normally be a track that is full of emptiness is made into something that is much, much more than its constituent parts. Give this band a listen and this CD a purchase.

Top Tracks: Fried Rice, McCarren Pool

Rating: 7.3/10

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