Little Maestros – Postcards From My Mind

Little Maestros – Postcards From My Mind / 2008 Kid Rhino / 28 Tracks / / /

Before I picked up “Postcards From My Mind”, I had no idea who the Little Maestros were or what they were trying to do. I guess that is because I’m not a parent, but for anyone that may become a parent in the months and years to come, some attention should be paid to this CD and this act. This is because the Little Maestros are created to really showcase the delightfulness of live music to the youngest ones in the audience, in the hope that they can gain an appreciation for music that will be present throughout their life. While the live aspect of the performance is part of the fun, Rhino has done well in capturing the spirit and talent of the act in its full glory.

Where there does not seem to be a story in much of popular music nowadays, “Postcards From My Mind” actually has a pretty interesting story, one that individuals, no matter whether they are 5 or 50, can appreciate. Twinkle, the protagonist, only has a blue plushy doll with which to play. However, the story opens up as they go through a number of places in Kidville, meeting new people (and things) and doing different activities throughout. The short run time of a number of these tracks ensure that even the youth with the shortest of attention spans will be able to stick with the tracks, and appreciate the entirety of the album rather than going off to play something else.

Children and adults that like what Little Maestros are doing can actually see the performances live throughout the rest of April. This is due to the fact that they are conducting a mall tour that will likely bring them to a mall at least somewhat close to anyone that may have the chance to pick up this album. In this case, purchasing the album is nice because it allows individuals to introduce the songs to the child before they see them live, which could even get them interacting and further appreciating the music that is contained within. Again, if you have a child, or are expecting a child in the next decade or so, purchasing “Postcards From My Mind” is a good decision. The fun is present in spades, is clean enough for the most virgin ears, and will not grate at all even on the individuals subjected the most to it (parents in cars).

Top Tracks: Celebrate Life, Lulu Kazoo

Rating: 7.0/10

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