Morning Star #2

Morning Star #2 / $1 / 5.25 by 7 / 24 Pages / / 4832 N. Wolcott, Apt 1NW, Chicago, IL 60632 /

Coming from the Art Institute of Chicago, I should have expected as much, but Morning Star is a completely cutely drawn magazine that is a mixture of comic and perzine. With the cover being a sketch of Angelica and a bunny, all encompassed with a glitter-encrusted star, we are immediately thrown into a Colin Matthews-comparable style in the sheer sketchiness of the matter. The first section of Morning Star is relatively Spartan in word-count, which is not necessary due to the very telling comics of Angel. Aesthetically, Angel’s handwriting is as beautiful as calligraphy and as constant as a typewriter font, and puts the accompanying comics into some form of context, mainly detailing the interaction between eir and eir friend/significant other, Dan. Morning Star seems to be more episodic than being a continually-happening narrative; snippets of the most endearing times in the last year (the zine was completed in December of 2002), and as such, really has a high energy level. The material might be a little sparse for its 24 pages, but Morning Star is still an incredibly fun little zine – spend a little time on Angel’s top things, a list of 25 things that make eir happy. This zine was another great pick-up from Boxcar Books, and while I’m not sure if there are any other issues of Morning Star currently out, there should be more of a demand for fun zines like this.

Rating : 7.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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