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Socratic have finally came out with their sequel to “Lunch For The Sky”, three years after the album was released. “Boy In A Magazine” is the first single on the disc, and it starts off the album. The fact that Mark Hoppus produced this album comes forth strongly during this introductory track, as the guitar work during the track has hints of Blink 182 present throughout. Of course, the overall approach taken by Socratic  during this track is quite different from anything that Blink 182 could have released.The band skillfully meshes together Weezer, Say Anything and even hints of Desert City Soundtrack. What results during this first track is a whole hell of a lot of individuals catching the Socratic fever and listening throughout the rest of the disc.

“Haven’t Seen You In Years” starts off in a more sedate and humble way than “Boy In A Magazine”, but the same lightness is present in the vocals is present in “Years”. The band takes on a little Lemonheads and a little Manic Street Preachers during “Years”, coming forth with a more mature interpretation of emotive rock. “May I Bum A Smoke” keeps a sense of humor present, adding a second set of vocals to the mix. While “Years” and “Smoke” are solid in their own right, it seems as if the band has not reached the pinnacle that they have achieved during the introductory track to “Spread The Rumors”.

This does not mean that the following tracks are weak, but that “Boy In A Magazine” was that damn good of a track. Socratic is an odd band, and I think this oddness really places them close to another good, but equally strong band: Barenaked Ladies. This is particularly present during “Janis Joplin Hands”, which links the sound of that band with a little bit of Elvis Costello. The cohesion that each of the tracks enjoy on “Spread The Rumors” is impressive, and really allow the band to make a sound that individuals will immediately associate with Socratic. Each of the song of the disc are catchy in their own right, but it just feels as if the band needs to create another “Boy In A Magazine” to continue succeeding in penetrating the minds and hearts of everyone that happens to pick up “Spread The Rumors”.

Top Tracks: Relevant Elephant, Long Distance Call

Rating: 5.5/10

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