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The Lemonheads – It’s A Shame About Ray / 2008 Rhino / 35 Tracks / /

I was too young to be paying attention to music when The Lemonheads originally broke big with 1990’s “Lovey”, but I heard enough in the way of individuals talking about the band to understand that they were a “big thing”. This is the collector’s edition of their 1992 smash, “It’s A Shame About Ray”, and Rhino has contributed a ton of extra content to this collector’s edition. This means that there are an addition 10 bonus tracks that round of the thirteen-tracked original album, and that disc is bundled with a DVD. The DVD itself has a number of extras, most significant of which being videos for songs such as “Mrs. Robinson”, “Being Around”, “Hannah & Gabi”, and a mini-documentary in “Two Weeks in Australia”.

For individuals that would like to get a little bit more context into the band’s creative process, there is an extra bit of commentary with front-person Evan Dando that really does a good job in placing individuals back into the specific context in which “It’s A Shame About Ray” was originally created. More so than the documentary, the bonus tracks present largely cover the material that made it to the disc. This means that individuals can hear demo versions of the title track, “Rockin Stroll”, “Hannah & Gabi”, and “Ceiling Fan In My Spoon”. Where a number of collector’s edition add a few bonus tracks to the original album and call it a day, Rhino and The Lemonheads (or those individuals that control the Lemonheads’ catalog) have given individuals all the reasons in the world to pick up this re-release of “It’s A Shame About Ray”.

Hopefully the process has started to allow other albums, both from The Lemonheads and contemporary band’s vaults, to be released in the years to come. Rhino is doing music a service by providing a comprehensive look into an album that defined for many the early nineties, and ensured that no reel of tape will disintegrate without the source material being packed up on this format.  I may have been too young to appreciate The Lemonheads when they first came out, but I am now able to understand the allure of Dando and the rest of the band. If you are in a situation similar to me, or  just want to round out your Lemonheads collection, make it a point to go out and purchase this Collector’s Edition.

Top Tracks: Rudderless, My Drug Buddy

Rating: 7.4/10

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