The Lions Rampant – Play Rock N Roll

The Lions Rampant – Play Rock N Roll / 2008 Self / 6 Tracks / /

The Lions Rampant are an act I must say with which I am not familiar. Their “Play Rock N Roll” starts of with “70-30”, a track that brings back the bombastic energy of sixties pop and throws a layer of MC5 on top of that. Following the retro approach of rock that acts like early Strokes and Vines pushed a few years back, the loud and abrasive vocals of Stuart’s vocal cut through the equally intense guitar and drums. The tracks are short, punchy, and are to the point on “Play Rock N Roll”. “Let Us In!” continues the high energy of “70-30” while not give listeners the slightest possibility of catching their breath. While not too terribly different from “70-30”, the balls to the wall, looking forward style of The Lions Rampant glosses over any early weakness.

The third track on this EP is “Cryin’ All The Time!”, a track that is much more nuanced and intricate than any of the previous tracks on “Play Rock N Roll”. This track provides individuals with an assurance that The Lions Rampant can take another tack and succeed well at doing so. The act starts the second half of this EP with “Skin ‘N Bones”, the one track that could break The Lions Rampant bigger than any other track on this EP. The act blends together the slower and faster styles of the first half of the disc with a catchy harmony that will burrow itself deep into listeners’ heads well after the disc ends. The Lions Rampant may couch themselves in a very seventies type of style, but the energy that is put forth with this EP is enough to resound to the present day. Check them out if you want to hear something energetic, fun, and solid as all get out.

Top Track: Skin ‘N Bones

Rating: 7.2/10

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